Myxomycetes at Black Sugarloaf, Tasmania


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Myxomycetes at Black Sugarloaf, Tasmania, Australia by Sarah Lloyd OAM

Published by Tympanocryptis Press, Birralee, 2020

Sarah Lloyd has been studying myxomycetes, commonly known as slime moulds, for a decade, in the wonderful wet forest that surrounds her home in northern Tasmania. She has come to know them in microscopic detail. This book is a compendium of her amazing photos of 125 taxa, together with a detailed description of each. Each slime mould is represented on one or two A4 pages, with beautiful images ranging from a size you might see with the naked eye or a hand lens, down to the microscopic features often required to identify them. There is a visual key and glossary, as well as appendices which focus on particularly productive spots on the property. 160 pages, size A4, spiral bound.

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