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Myxos & Musings: a delightful journey into the little known world of Myxomycetes

Well known retired commercial photographer, Steve Young, unveils a captivating exploration of the world of Myxomycetes in his new 2023 book “Myxos and Musings”. This visually stunning softcover compilation offers readers an intimate glimpse into the mysterious and often overlooked realm of Slime Moulds.

About the Book
“Myxos and Musings” is a compact A5-sized softcover book that showcases 64 full-colour double-page images of Myxomycetes fruiting bodies, captured using Steve Young’s specialised photography techniques. The majority of the subjects featured in the book hail from the lush rainforests of the Mid North Coast of NSW, while additional photographs stem from Steve’s research in the Eromanga region of South West QLD. Accompanying each image are thought-provoking musings, offering readers a deeper understanding of the fascinating world of Myxomycetes. Within the book’s 140 pages, Steve Young shares insights into his photographic techniques, making it an invaluable resource for both photography enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

About the Author
Steve Young, a resident of Coffs Harbour, has dedicated his retirement to unravelling the complexities of super-macro photography. His passion for Myxomycetes and their life cycles has led him on a quest to document their beauty with unprecedented precision. With a keen eye for detail, Steve captures these elusive organisms sometimes in their natural habitats, venturing into the lush local temperate rainforests, including the world heritage Dorrigo Rainforest region.

The Myxomycetes he seeks range from 3-4mm down to less than 0.5mm, demanding a specialised approach to produce high-quality images. This detailed work is undertaken in studio. Steve continuously challenges himself to refine his techniques and equipment, allowing him to capture subjects as small as 100 microns (0.1mm) with astounding clarity.

Steve Young’s remarkable photography has garnered recognition in publications and specialist books worldwide, earning him a place among notable experts.

Book Details
• Title: Myxos and Musings
• Author: Steve Young
• ISBN: 978-0-646-87820-1
• Full-color, 140 pages at A5 size, soft cover