Fungi of North East Victoria


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Fungi of North East Victoria: An Identification and Conservation Guide

North East Victoria encompasses an area bounded by the Murray River to the north and east, the Great Dividing Range to the south, and the Warby Ranges to the west. From box ironbark woodlands and heathy dry forests, open plains and wetlands, alpine herb fields, montane grasslands and tall ash forests, to your local park or backyard, fungi are found throughout the region, and every fungus species contributes to the functioning, health and resilience of these ecosystems.

This beautiful fold-out guide represents 96 species from hundreds, possibly thousands, that grow in the diverse habitats of North East Victoria. It includes some of the more conspicuous and distinctive species that can be recognised in the field, using features visible to the naked eye or with a x10 magnifier. Includes Agarics, Fungi with Pores, Tooth Fungi, Corals, Jellies, Stinkhorns, Birdsnests, Earthstars, Puffballs, Cups, Discs, Truffle-like Fungi, Clubs, Morels and Lichens.

Research, text and photography by Alison Pouliot. Published by the State of Victoria Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, in collaboration with Wooragee Landcare, the North East Catchment Management Authority, and the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority.

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