Fungi of the Surf Coast Shire


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Fungi of the Surf Coast Shire

The Surf Coast Shire is south-west of Melbourne. This beautiful fold-out guide represents 108 species from more than 600 that have been identified in the Surf Coast Shire. Includes Agarics, Boletes, Corals, Clubs, Pored and Bracketed Fungi, Cups, Puffballs, Jellies, Stinkhorns, Lichens, Slime Moulds and Algae. The guide indicates which are found in Wet Forests, Drier Forests, and Woodland/Farmland in the region.

Published by ANGAIR Inc.

This item is no longer available from the Fungimap shop as it can be downloaded directly from ANGAIR Inc or a single copy posted out by ANGAIR –