Larger Fungi of Southern Australia


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Grgurinovic, C.A. (1997), Larger Fungi of South Australia. The Botanic Gardens of Adelaide and State Herbarium and
The Flora and Fauna of South Australia Handbooks Committee, Adelaide.

This technical book is great for those who want to get started with fungal microscopy but not recommended for those just starting out with identifying fungi.

This technical work is based on the collections of Professor Sir John Burton Cleland’s (1878-1971), it is
the one of the most comprehensive guides to Australian macro-fungi available. It contains around 450 species from
19 orders of fungi, many of which are not usually covered in field guides.

It has keys with detailed descriptions of macroscopic and microscopic features, habitat, previous name and meanings of names, as well as occasional notes on other features such as edibility. There is also a comprehensive glossary and explanation of colour terminology.

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